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What is Local SEO ?

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Local SEO is a sub-category of SEO that helps physical places to improve their visibility on search engines. There are many platforms on which your store can be present: Google Maps, Apple Plan, Waze, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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46% of Google searches are aimed at finding a physical shop or a company
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Our Presence Management tool allows you to manage your visibility on all the web platform and social networks, such as Google My Business or Facebook. Manage your reviews, keep your company's information up to date, and much more!

Thanks to our solution, you will be able to consolidate the visibility of your points of sale in order to get morre customers!

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Why set up a local SEO strategy?

Taking care of its Local SEO is essential these days if you have a local business. Indeed, to increase the visibility of your store, it is important to be present on the web because 97% of users looking for a local business will first look on the Internet. Threfore, ot being present on the latter represents a significant shortfall.

Sometimes, some web platforms automatically retrieve data from your store, however, it may be inaccurate or different. Thus, it is important to ensure that the information of your stores is up to date and standardize on the most popular ones.