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75%of users never scroll down the first page of Google search results.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the techniques used to improve your ranking on search engines. In order to classify websites on result pages, Google regularly sends robots to browse their code and content.

Working on SEO means to become more compliant with Google’s expectations evolving permanently. These optimizations can maintain and improve your ranking towards competition.

With the growing number of websites and increasing online search volume, SEO has become a necessity to boost sales and reputation.

How does Octopulse work on your SEO?

Octopulse provides you with an in-depth analysis of your website and your ranking on Google. Thus, we can evaluate how compliant is your website to Google’s screening criteria so you won’t be prejudiced from competition.

A list of customized optimizations is provided to improve your ranking and boost your traffic. Select the optimizations à la carte and Octopulse takes care of it with expertise together with security.

Our ranking tool gives you the progress of your position on Google following the implementation of the selected optimizations. You can also monitor your ranking with competition and understand your current position on the market.

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