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Why working on your SEO ?

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92% of online traffic is concentrated on the first page of Google’s results…

60% of clicks are on the first 3 links…

It is crucial to work on your SEO if you expect to attract traffic to your website. The higher your rank, the more traffic you get. It’s simple math !

How does Google classify websites ?

In order to rank websites, Google sends robots to continuously inspect the internet. These bots will index all the visible and invisible information contained on websites. Bots also provide Google with valuable data such as performance of pages, accessibility and relevance of the information found.

A total of 200 criteria are being permanently and automatically computed to provide internet users with the best experience possible.

In order to ensure the best user experience, Google favors websites offering the best guarantees to find the searched information: page housing the right information, loading speed, data security,...


To have a better ranking on Google, it is paramount to ensure total comprehension of your website by robots, but overall, to meet the needs of users.

How does Octopulse analyse your website ?

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Free SEO audit

Octopulse provides you with a free diagnosis to determine which optimizations are needed to improve your ranking.
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Highly effective analysis

We designed robots having similar characteristics as the ones of Google. Our robots will browse your website and identify your own optimizations.
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Custom-made optimizations

With a few clicks, you select the optimizations to be implemented by our experts to boost your traffic.

How to implement your optimizations ?


Modifying the code of your website is risky.

It can be quite technical to install optimizations to improve your SEO. A set of specific skills is required.

Octopulse gives you the opportunity to leave it to the experts. We provide you with a turnkey solution without risking the security and integrity of your website.

With the aim of prioritizing the security of your website, our experts work on a backup version to ensure the integrity of your data.

Following our service, each website is carefully inspected to check the proper installation of optimizations and the quality of work.