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What’s netlinking?

Netlinking consists in creating a network of external links pointing to your site. External links bring you "SEO juice" that helps to increase your notoriety and authority in the eyes of search engines.

Why do a netlinking campaign?

If it is relevant and well implemented, a netlinking campaign can bring 30% growth in your natural traffic within 6 months.

Inbound links are one of the main factors of positioning on the results page. Indeed, the search engine considers these links as an external validation of the quality and reputation of your content and gives it more visibility.

A link is a privileged gateway to a site for both users and search engines; the more leads you have to your website, the greater your traffic opportunities for qualified visitors.

However, Google is demanding. The network must consist of reliable and relevant links for your site, otherwise you may be penalized by Google.

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What do we offer?

Octopulse offers two types of publications that can be used together:


Thematic publications

Publication of an article on a thematic site that works on semantics in a precise way

Publishing an article on a website linked to the lexical field of yours demonstrates to the search engines that your website is a reference in this field.

Generic publications

Publishing an article on a blog or news website that discusses various topics

By publishing an article on more generic sites, you can diversify the sources of the links pointing to your website. In addition, it prevents all your links from being only on thematic websites.

Why use Octopulse?

Our expertise

Not all links are good to take in a netlinking strategy!

Our experts work with you to build and implement a network of quality links that meet Google’s requirements. With a catalog of more than 4,000 high authority websites and a network of experienced copywriters, we guarantee tailored websites that will have a strong impact on your campaigns.

An easy-friendly solution

Octopulse supports your entire campaign from creation to performance analysis. Free yourself from technical and time-consuming work by calling on our experts.

Performance tracking

Our rank tracking tool enables you to track your Google positioning and your traffic in order to measure the impact of your netlinking campaign.